Hello lovely reader!

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Selina. I was born in 1994 and I live in a small village in Switzerland. I'm a passionate blogger and photographer (well, just a beginner to be honest - here's my portfolio). I study Publicity & Communication Science and Politics at the University of Zurich.

I'm sure you want to find out more about this blog as well, so here we go:
"Rose Kiara Peaches" was founded in March 2012. Since then, I regularly share my outfits with you lovely people out there. I add a song at the end of most of my outfit posts, because I feel like fashion and music are two excellent ways to express yourself. But not only that: I sometimes post my make up looks, hair care tips and reviews of beauty products, too. There's also a lifestyle section, where you can find travel pictures and reports, as well as posts about events that I attend.

And if you're wondering about the name of this blog:
No, Rose Kiara Peaches is not my real name. It's just a combination that I really like. "Rose" is my favourite flower, "Kiara" is one of my favourite songs and "Peaches" was the name of the cute baby mammoth in Ice Age and I really fell in love with this name.

Here are some questions & answers if you want to find out more about me:

How would you describe your style?
It's quite versatile. At the moment I like the whole minimalism trend, mixed with a boho touch. Things that I'll always love are flower patterns, black and white combos, pastel pink items and lace.

What are your hobbies?
I love watching Youtube videos, photography, blogging, raving and art.

What music do you listen to?
I enjoy a wide range of music genres. At the moment I enjoy listening to "Drum and Bass" and "Alternative" the most I'd say.

What are your favourite clothing brands?
My all time favourite is Spell Designs, an Australian boho brand. My favourite Swiss designers are Berenik and Steinrohner.

What is your favourite city?
London, followed by Barcelona and Berlin.

Information on collaborations

I know that readers trust bloggers like me, so I try to be as transparent and honest with you as possible. Here are my promises to you, concerning collaborations:
  • I only accept collaborations with brands that I truly like and that have a good reputation. I will never recommend anything to you that I personally don't believe in.
  • Currently, I don't use affiliate links. If I'm going to use them in the future, I'll clearly mark them.
  • I always request products (for example pieces of clothing, beauty items and so on) for my posts, so I can try them and the service the brand offers.
  • I don't accept collaborations where I get money for a post without trying the service or products of a brand.
  • If I get products for free, I link them for you using nofollow links.
  • Posts that were produced with a brand are marked using the label "Collaboration". Furthermore, I'll mention the cooperation in the text and at the bottom of the post.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to leave them as a comment

Thank you so much for stopping by!