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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Usually, people write these kinds of blogposts at the end of the year. However, I just felt like giving some appreciation to 2017. The last years have been – let’s say turbulent. I had a tough time at university and my private life was turned upside down last summer when my long-term relationship ended. I slowly started to feel better again at the beginning of 2017. I began to go out a lot more and it made me really happy. I was able to connect with people that had the same passion as me and I finally felt “at home”. In February, I went to Rampage in Antwerp. This was the kick off of my “drum and bass year”. At the same time, I started dating someone. We were in a relationship for less than two months. I thought that 2017 would be just the same as 2016 – oh how wrong I was! I booked three trips to three international festivals and every time I got my booking confirmation I had the biggest smile on my face. However, first I had to finish my last semester at university. For the first time, I passed all of my exams and received the title “Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences”. When I found out, I actually cried for a few minutes out of relief. I was ready for the festival season to start.

The first festival I went to was Openair St. Gallen. It was my 7th time in a row and there were ups and downs. I have a real love-hate relationship with this festival, but it’s always so much fun attending it with all of my friends. At the beginning of July, I flew to Amsterdam for Liquicity festival and then a month later I had the pleasure to visit the biggest dnb festival in the world – Let it roll in the Czech Republic. I already wrote about these two festivals in this blogpost.

In September, I went to Sun & Bass. I will probably write an article about this very special week as well. All I want to say right now is that it was one of the best experiences ever and it was like spending 8 days in paradise. I made some new friends (shout-out to my Berlin rave crew :D) and had an amazing time partying every night for an entire week.

Obviously, I also need to earn money to be able to travel this much. I’ve been working in the same company (Migros – the biggest retailer in Switzerland) for five years now and I’m glad they offered me to stay after university. I started working for the human resource development department as an intern after finishing high school and then as a normal employee during my time at university. I’m working part-time (70%) and I’m really happy about that. I still work as an online training producer and I’m also partly responsible for our online learning platform. In the future, I’d also like to earn some money with my photography.

So, 2017 is slowly coming to an end. I can’t wait to see what the next two and a half months have to offer. I’ve already planned my next trip: Amsterdam for Liquicity Winterfestival and New Year’s Eve. I already know it’s going to be incredible, because I’ll be able to meet some of my dnb friends from all over Europe again. In conclusion, 2017 was the most amazing year of my life and currently I’m constantly happy and content. Now I’m looking forward to Christmas season. The last few years I was never able to enjoy this time of the year due to exams at university. So I’m really excited to get fully into the Christmas spirit this year and then celebrate New Year’s Eve with my friends without any pressure. 2017, you were a great year, but bring on 2018! It’s going to be even better.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the outfit. It’s one of my favourites at the moment. I love this dress combined with the faux fur vest. Feel free to leave your comments or questions below and listen to my drum and bass playlist (it's a good one, I promise ^^). Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day and take care. Lots of love, Selina ♥

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Pictures taken and edited by me (Instagram | Photography Portfolio)

Céline Mini Dress in Lavender - For Love and Lemons | White Faux Fur Vest - H&M | Black Heeled Boots - Even & Odd (via Zalando) | Black Choker Necklace - Topshop (via Zalando)

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