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Saturday, December 03, 2016

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been given a few strange nicknames throughout their life. My family call me Dede or Seli. To my friends, I'm Selümpel, Selümpi or Grümpel (don't ask please!). My sister sometimes refers to me as Selimi. All of those names represent a certain aspect of my personality. However, this outfit fits a particular nickname perfectly. I want you to meet Svetlana.

First of all, I really like this name. And there's actually a story behind it. People have asked me quite a few times if I'm Russian (nope, I'm Swiss, but nevermind - I always took it as a compliment). Furthermore, I have always loved fake fur and I do like Vodka. So the name Svetlana is kind of perfect (sorry for the stereotypes).

Even though I have to admit that Selümpel is probably my favourite nickname since I'm quite clumsy and I can also be the most annoying person ever - and that's what I relate with this name. A down-to-earth girl that likes drinking beer, plays video games, dances like an idiot at raves and uses inappropriate language a bit too often. However, I also like to be Svetlana again from time to time - dressed up, glamorous, fake lashes and fancy drinks. I guess everyone has two sides to them.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to tell me about your nicknames and how they relate to your personality in the comments down below. Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day, take care and see you soon. Lots of love, Selina ♥

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Black Velvet Dress - H&M (the choker was actually the belt of the dress, but I decided to use it slightly different ^^) | Fake Fur Jacket - H&M | Boots - Jeffrey Campbell | Earrings - Claire's | Lipstick - Charlotte Tilbury "Glastonberry" 

Pictures taken and edited by me (Instagram)

New portfolio coming soon ♥

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