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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey my lovelies! My sister and I have done some more hairstyles. It seemed like you enjoyed the first "Hairtorial" post and some of you were even asking for tutorials. Unfortunately, it's really hard to film how we do these hairstyles, because most of the time we do them in the evening and the lighting isn't too great in my room. So in this post I want to explain how to do these hairstyles (I'll try my best). If you can't do them on your own, ask another person to help you. To all my German speaking readers: This post would be very confusing if I wrote down the instructions in German as well. I tried to keep it as easy as possible, so I hope you won't be mad at me.
If you want to see all our new hairstyles, follow us on Tumblr or Instagram. The girl in the pictures is my sister. You can follow her on Instagram. I hope you enjoy this post. Have a lovely evening. XoXo S ♥

Let's get started with hairstyle number one. It's inspired by Katniss Everdeen, a character in the movie series "The Hunger Games" (I'm sure most of you know her). This hairstyle is easier to achieve than it seems.
  1. Section your hair into a top part and a lower part.
  2. Curl the top part with a very thin curling iron. Then run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up. This will give your hair more texture. 
  3. Join the sections again.
  4. Start doing a french braid on the left side of your head (many tutorials for the french braid can be found on Youtube). Keep a small streak right next to your face out of the braid.
  5. If you reached the other side of your head, fix the braid with an elastic.
  6. Get started with another french braid on the right side of your head. Keep a small streak out as well.
  7. Take the elastic out and join the two braids.
  8. Finish off with a normal braid.

This hairstyle is very girly, cute and simple to do.
  1. Curl your hair, using a medium sized curling iron.
  2. Run your fingers through the curls to  loosen them up slightly. 
  3. Do a classic braid on each side of your head.
  4. Fix them in the middle of your head using bobby pins.
  5. Put a bow on top to hide the pins. You could also use a flower or another cute hair accessory.

The third hairstyle is another braid. It's basically a very loose and messy french braid.
  1. If you want to give your hair some texture, feel free to curl your hair with a medium sized curling iron. However, this step is completely optional.
  2. You now need to do a regular french braid. Keep a streak of hair out of the braid on both sides.
  3. Remember to keep the french braid quite loose.
  4. When you're done braiding, fix it with an elastic.
  5. Braid one of the streaks and fix it with a bobby pin.
  6. Take the other streak and just fix it at the back of your head. You could also twist it or braid it as well.
  7. You can now loosen the braid up by pulling some streaks out slightly. Et voilà!
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  1. lovely hair! Thanks for sharing!


  2. thought I new this post with th elovely 2nd hairstyle ... :D

    best wishes Lorá

  3. I'm so in love with the second hairstyle, lovely and very very pretty! :)


  4. wnderschöne haare auf den bildern. und die frisur sieht top aus!

  5. Ui du hast wunderschöne Haare :)
    Und die Frisuren sind auch wirklich toll!


  6. Ich han immer denkt das heisst Hairtutorial und nöd Hairtorial? Oder isch das so dini eigeni Worterfindig? :D Gset echt super us, werd mal s zweite probiere! :)

  7. lovely nature Hair ♥
    i wish i could try this cute Hairtutorial but my hair is still too short :D

  8. Deine Haare sind wirklich ein Traum:) Und danke für die Inspiration!

  9. Wie wunderschön *_*

    Bitte ein Tutorial! Liebst ◢Sarah◣

  10. Beautiful hair!!!
    Great post, dear:)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  11. omg, it's so beautiful ♡
    I didn't know that are so many possibilities with ombre hair!