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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Today's post is all about three very typical tourist spots in London. In the morning, we went to visit Sea Life. I just love this place! All the colourful fish, the cute seahorses and the penguins! However, you can also learn a lot about those species and it always makes me kind of sad that lots of sharks and other sea animals are killed every year. Some of you might know that I'm Pescetarian (I eat fish, but no meat) and after visiting Sea Life, I'm really considering to stop eating fish as well. Anyway, completely different topic: I realised that taking pictures of fish is the most difficult thing ever - they are moving really really fast and it's kind of dark in there, so taking a good picture is kind of hard. However, I managed to take some that turned out alright. 

In the afternoon, we decided to visit the Tower of London. It's quite an interesting and significant place. However, there are so many tourists that don't even care about the history of those places. I really tried to learn a little something. The most interesting thing for me was the tower where they kept the "Royal Beasts" - wild animals from all around the world that could be visited for entertainment. Fortunately, there are no more wild animals in this tower anymore. Another thing that I learned that day is that the King and Queen lived in different towers, so their relationship must have been kind of special. 

After visiting the Tower of London, we went into the London Dungeon. I was really scared but my boyfriend wanted to go - and because I really love him I went in there. It basically shows you the dark past of London. The actors were great but most of the time I was standing there looking around to make sure there was no actor behind me who could scare me. I'm just not into that kind of scary stuff. However, the last part was really fun (spoiler alert!): it was a small free-fall ride and I love roller coasters and everything related to them. I really liked visiting Sea Life and the Tower of London. London Dungeon was really scary and I wouldn't have gone in there without my boyfriend. If you have visited one of these three attractions: which one did you like? The next part of this little London series will be about Chinatown and the view from London Eye. Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments! XoXo S ♥

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  1. Toller Post und super Bilder. Hört sich nach einem anstrengenden, aber schönen Tag an!

    LG Saskia
    My Style Room