♥ Valentine's Day Inspiration ♥

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not very creative, I know. But it's something. Unfortunately I have to work until Thursday, but after that I promise to post some outfits!
Anyway, back to the topic. The black heart bag caught my eye as soon as we entered the little shop in Konstanz. I still love it! The swan top is one of the things I've never worn up to now. However, I had to have it, it's so romantic (and cheesy...). The silver nacklace with the black heart pendant was a present from my boyfriend. He gave it to me on our first Valentine's day, two years ago. It still means the world to me ♥

Do you like Valentine's day? Are you going to wear a romantic dress or accessory?
I wish you a happy Valentine's day!
XoXo S


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