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New Zealand Part 2

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Here comes part 2 of the pictures featuring Tane Mahuta, Auckland, Pauanui and the most gorgeous view I've ever seen.
Tane Mahuta means "Lord of the Forest". It's the largest living kauri tree in New Zealand, probably one of the oldest and it's really important for the Maori. When we arrived to take pictures, there was a little group of tourists, but it was really quiet. I think everyone was quite impressed by Tane Mahuta.
Pauanui is situated on the Coromandel Peninsula. It's a small village and apparantly lots of rich New Zealanders have a holiday house there. We lived in small yet cute and modern apartments.
We spent our last night in a hotel in Auckland. In the morning before our flight left, we went power shopping. There are many cool stores, all in the same street which makes it really easy to buy a lot in a small amount of time... Switzerland is also represented in Auckland: there's a store with Swiss watches and a Mövenpick shop (ice cream ♥). Unfortunately we only saw two streets of Auckland, but I'd love to go back.
And last but not least, we found a breathtaking place while travelling from Paihia to Pauanui. Words can't describe it, so just have a look at the pictures.

This was my really really small New Zealand diary. I hope you like it! 
XoXo S

Tane Mahuta



Gorgeous View

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