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Scandalous, Hilarious, Glamorous: My Favourite TV Series

Thursday, November 29, 2012

OMG, I'm so excited! It's snowing outside. It looks so pretty! I'm glad that I see some snow before leaving to New Zealand in the middle of December. 
Anyway, today I want to show you my favourite TV shows. Please don't be shocked: some of them are kind of stupid, but I like them nonetheless because they are funny at the same time. Let's get started!

Gossip Girl

I'm addicted since I've seen it back in 2009 or so. A new scandal behind every corner, new gossip everyday. However, the best thing are surely the clothes they wear. I love Serena's style! It's such a pity that season 6 is the last one. Hopefully they'll find Gossip Girl.
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How I Met Your Mother

I had always thought that HIMYM is stupid and a really bad show - until I started watching it. I couldn't stop and now I've seen every single episode. It's so funny and entertaining! My friends always hate me when I tell them they should watch it in English, but in German the jokes don't come across! I'm really curious about who the mother is, but at the same time I don't want it to end...


I love MTV shows in general, but Awkward is awesome. It portrays teenagers problem in a funny, but also a little bit tragic way. I'm really looking forward to season 3. And if you 're wondering: I'm Team Matty ;)

Geordie Shore

It doesn't just sound like Jersey Shore, it's basically the same thing but in Newcastle, England. I first saw this series during my holidays in Spain. Back in Switzerland, I've started watching it and I love it! It's about young people going out and having fun. Of course you can say that it's stupid, but at the same time it's entertaining and I started liking some people. Charlotte is hilarious! ♥

The Hills

The Hills is an oldie, but still a goldie! I heard about Lauren Conrad's book "Style" and realised that so many girls are in love with it. So I bought it and started watching The Hills. I was so curious what kind of person Lauren Conrad is. I was surprised how nice she came across. She's like the girl next door, but amazingly beautiful.
By the way: I've also seen every episode of "The City". I'm addicted to this kind of shows!

I hope you had fun reading this post, it was a little different than what you are used to. Did you like it nonetheless? What are your favourite TV shows?
If you have any suggestions about posts I should make please comment! I wish you a nice evening.
XoXo S

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