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I'm a Blogger, get me out of here (Switzerland Edition)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That's what I sometimes think when I'm walking through the streets or get on the bus. Last friday for example: As you might have read, I went to Zurich to eat at Restaurant Hiltl. I wanted to dress a little crazy and extraordinary, since I'm not in Zurich everyday. So I wore a skirt, my boots, some jewellery and my fake fur vest (you remember that outfit, right?). So I entered the bus, got my ticket and sat down. Those are usually my favourite 20 seconds of a journey. Everyone gets quiet, stares at me and then starts talking to their friends again. I would love to read people's minds during these 20 seconds.
Here some possible thoughts:
  • Dafuq is wrong with you girl?
  • Really?
  • That's what young people wear nowadays?
  • Wow, this looks gorgeous!
  • Eww...
  • I love your bag ♥
Sometimes I wish I'd live in London or Paris or Barcelona. Not because I hate Switzerland and not because there are a lot of fashionable people in big cities, but because people don't really look at you in a weird way when you're dressed up (my experience shows that at least) and they don't give a fuck about you.

What I want to say with this article is that nobody has to like me our my outfit. I understand if someone hates my outfits. They are kind of special sometimes. However, everyone always wants respect and tolerance. I tolerate everyone. I don't judge people's clothes. This might sound strange since I love fashion and everything around it, but like I said: I like it, not everyone has to like it.

However, show some tolerance in every situation of your life. Be kind to other people and don't judge people on the basis of their look. Smile at them. What goes around comes around. That's what some people in Switzerland don't understand I think.

Have you experienced similar things? Or do you think that my point of view is completely wrong?
Love, Freedom, Tolerance and Respect!
 XoXo S

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