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Hiltl Volume 2 & Oxbloody Fantastic

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zurich is not only a gorgeous city, there are also a lot of places that offer amazing food. Our first stop was the Lindt & Sprüngli shop. We bought the beloved and famous Luxemburgerli, a must when you are in Zurich.
However, the reason we went to Zurich was Restaurant Hiltl. It's a place where you can only order vegetarian or vegan food. My boyfriend and me ate there for the second time. This time, we sat downstairs. I personally think that this part of the restaurant is even prettier than the one upstairs.
We decided to order the Red Thai Curry, the Mushroom Penne and of course the housemade Ice Tea. Everything was amazing, as well as the service. The staff is really friendly and fast. For dessert, we had the Panna Cotta.
All in all I can say that our second visit was even greater than the first one. I love the atmosphere, the interior design and the food.
After the visit, we tried to do a little shooting in the streets of Zurich, but we failed miserably. However, I have two pictures of the outfit. I guess I'll wear that outfit again and make some more pictures. I called this look "Oxbloody Fantastic".
I hope you like the post anyway. XoXo S


I love this "lamp"! Do you see the green writing in the background? Those are tweets that are connected to Restaurant Hiltl. How cool is that?

And this is the pattern of the sofa I sat on. Isn't it gorgeous?

Top, Skirt, Tights, Pumps, Accessories - H&M
Fake Fur Vest - Zara
On my lips i'm wearing "Aubergine" by Nivea

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