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Barcelona: New In & Outfits

Sunday, September 02, 2012

As I said in the last post, Barcelona is a great city as far as shopping is concerned. You can get a lot more for the same prize than in Switzerland. So there is always a lot of temptation to buy a huge amount of stuff when I'm abroad. However, this time I didn't buy too much. But let's have a look at some of my outfits first (sorry for the quality of the outfit pictures, but my small camera isn't that good).

And what did I buy? A grey skirt, a pink flower and a "pearl" necklace from Primark.

Two beautiful nail polishes and a pigment eyeshadow at Kiko.


This gorgeous flower headband, that every blogger bought during July (H&M).

Spanish Vogue is great. They even gave every reader a cute bag. Not like the German edition -.-

 I fell in love with this pair when I was searching for shoes that would match my new Mango dress. They're from Stradivarius.

 And here is part of my Mango dress, which you can see on one of the outfit pictures.

My favourite shoes at the moment are these sandals by H&M. They are so comfortable and bloggerish (if you know what I mean).

And here you can see some of the new things combined. 

I hope you had fun reading this post and going through my "new" stuff. What else would you like to see?
XoXo S

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