Barcelona: Like a Jewel in the Sun

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Barcelona, it was the third time that we met. Barcelona , how can I forget.
Even Freddie Mercury sang about this city. I slightly changed the lyrics and they perfectly fit my life. I've been to Barcelona during our stay in Salou, then again with my classmates last September and in July with my boyfriend. I fell in love with this gorgeous city. For me, Barcelona has everything a city needs: art, culture, delicious food, clubs, beaches and shops. Many young people and artists are staying in this city, but also families with children. It's a colourful mixture of people from around the world. I could go there every year and I would never be bored. And one more thing I love about Barcelona is the language: Spanish is such an awesome language, it's full of passion.
I shot many pictures during our stay and I want to show you some here on the blog. You can find more pictures on the German blog or on my Pinterest Board.

Enjoy the pictures :) XoXo S

Surroundings & Hotel

Beach & Aquarium


Museu de la Xocolata (Chocolate Museum)

HighLights (Sunrise at the Beach after Clubbing)

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