Artist of the Day: Katy B

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Katy B's music never fails to impress me. Her soft voice mixed with electronic pop sounds - that's what I call relaxing.
Kathleen Brien is 22 years old and was born and raised in London. Her first album was released in 2011. I love the album. Every song on it is great.

If you want to get in the right mood for a party, listen to "Lights On" featuring Ms. Dynamite. It's an amazing track with a great beat.

Whenever I listen to "Louder", my mind flies away to foreign places. I love it ♥

In the clip for her song "Witches Brew" Katy actually looks like a "typical" witch with her long red hair.

And last but not least a holiday song. You can chill to it at the pool, on the beach or at home. Every time I see the video, I want to be on vacation somewhere in the South.

I hope you like Katy and her music as much as I do.
XoXo S

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