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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

By now, everyone knows Lady GaGa. However, there are many other singers that have an amazing style and show that in their videos. Now I'd like to present you some of my favourite "Fashionqueens" in the musicbusiness.

Fallulah, born as Maria Apetri, is sometimes called the Danish Lady GaGa. I heard her song on the radio and since I liked it a lot, I watched the video on Youtube. I have to say: I was positively surprised! Her outfit and the video itself are amazing. She really looks kind of crazy and gaga. I highly recommend her album "The Black Cat Neighbourhood".

Another interesting personality is Marina Lambrini Diamandis aka Marina and The Diamonds. Her style is pretty special - she likes mixing vintage stuff with modern pieces and even designer clothing. Here the link to a collaboration she did with Vogue: Marina and The Diamonds Vogue One month Marina shared her looks with the readers of Vogue. Her most famous song up to now is "Hollywood". Some days ago, she released the videoclip to "Primadonna". This is the fourth part of a series of videos about Electra Heart. She created this personality to show off, how some people act nowadays: they are fake and try to be something that they really are not, so the exact opposite of Marina herself. Below you can see the video for "Radioactive", my favourite song of the four that have already been released.

A singer that has gained a lot of recognition recently is Florence Welch. She's the head of the band Florence and The Machine. She has that kind of hippie style that I love, with a touch of sexappeal. Her voice paired with the sounds of the harp in her songs have made me cry several times already. Particularly the live performances of the band are amazing. Well, I just know them from videos on Youtube, but this will change this summer, since Florence and her Machine are coming to the Openair St.Gallen in Switzerland and I'm going to see them performing live. Yay! I'm happy and a little bit nervous about that, even if the concert is not until June.

I added two live performances, so you can see her power and hear her beautiful voice on stage.

Rebecca & Fiona are a Swedish DJ Duo. They are beautiful and have a stunning style indeed, but that's not all: their music is fabulous! They can look back on a collaboration with Kaskade, a famous DJ and producer. In Sweden they are already famous. Let's hope that they will take over the whole world!

Many people know Natalia Kills, I guess. In her song "Free" she sings about a problem that (hopefully) not only she and I have. Her voice does not only sound nice in her videos, but only live she's a great singer. Her style is extraordinary and freakish. I love it. The second video is an interview with Natalia about her style. Furthermore, a camera team is going shopping with her.

Price Tag has almost 200 Million views on Youtube. Jessie J's message in this song: It's not always about the money. That's what she's also saying in her Vevo Stylized clip. She loves vintage clothing and accessories. What I like about her is not necessarily what she wears, but how she wears it. She does not care what other people think about her - I love this attitude.

Another fashion icon is -from my point of view- Lana del Rey. Nobody knows who she really is. Sometimes she's the spoilt little girl, then again she's a tough ghetto chick or elegant like a ballerina. I heard her song "Videogames" for the first time on Gossip Girl. Her voice instantly appealed to me, as well as the clip that contains little pieces of other videos cut together. I also love her wavy hair. I have to know how she does these waves. wow!

Last but not least, I want to present you Janelle Monae. Her style is very simple: black and white, mostly suits. Somehow that seems pretty masculine, but she succeeds in making it look feminine and elegant. The short film for her song "Many Moons" is breathtaking. I love her voice, she's very pretty and she can do the Moonwalk - forwards!!!

Of course there are more fashionistas in the musicbusiness, for example Gwen Stefani, Rihanna or Adele. However, I wanted to concentrate on the newcomers and the ones who have a similar style like me.  Who are your fashion icons? And why?

I wish you a very nice evening :)
XoXo S

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