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Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Tuesday, I went shopping in Konstanz with my boyfriend. The day was perfect, not only because of the lovely weather. We bought quite a lot of stuff. We ate at Subway. I had never tried their sandwiches before, but now I'm in love with them. Unfortunately, there's no Subway near the place I live, otherwise I'd go there often :D

We also had some ice cream, but i did not document that. Now I want to show you what I bought. Some stuff I got at a shopping centre called Lago, other things are from stores all around town. At H&M, I bought a pretty white long dress. I want to wear it at my "prom" (in Switzerland it's called Maturaball). Well, I already had a dress to wear for that occasion, but, like always, i needed to have this white one, even if I might not wear it. Here's a picture of that gown (i'm sorry for the weird background)

And a close up:

I also got a top from H&M. Many times, I had a look at it on the internet. I picked it up for 10 Euros. A pretty good deal.
Here's the link to the top, so you can see it a little bit better: Today's Outfit Top

At Douglas, I finally found what I had been looking for: A foundation brush! Up to now, I'm very pleased with the results. The price was about 6 Euros.

While walking around in the centre of Konstanz, I suddenly saw a store called "Marco Tozzi". On an earlier shopping tour with a friend, I had seen some beautiful shoes of that brand. Inside the store, I found exactly this pair of shoes and a pretty similar one, but with an even more beautiful pattern. My boyfriend bought them for me as a Valentine's Day present. They are so gorgeous!

I also had to go to dm and Müller, two drugstores. At Müller, I bought the cute Hello Kitty can with the sweet content. The Alverde products are from dm. I love the shampoo, conditioner and moisturising spray. Also the packings are beautiful. Unfortunately, I cannot buy these products in Switzerland. Well, there's one possibility: the Amazon Onlinestore. However, I think I'd rather go to Konstanz again, than buying the products in an online store. I love shopping in real life, not virtually :)

My boyfriend also got me my birthday present. You'll see that soon here on my blog. A little hint: It consists of three parts, two are pink and one is purple. As you can see, I'm falling in love with the candy colours trend. More about that in the beginning of April ;)

I wish you a nice friday. Don't give up, tomorrow at this time you can start enjoying your weekend.
XoXo S

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